State Cost Share Application Deadline

Madison County landowners and operators interested in cost share for installing conservation practices are encouraged to apply by Tuesday, March 15, 2022.

There are a number of different programs – both federal and state – available that can provide financial assistance for conservation practices.  Two of the common state programs are IFIP (the Iowa Financial Incentives Program) which is used for soil erosion control practices, and REAP (Resource Enhancement And Protection) which is used for forestry, native grass, and water protection practices. 

Frequently used practices in Madison County include terraces, grassed waterways, grade stabilization structures (ponds), pasture and hayland planting, conservation cover, forest stand improvement, tree planting, and windbreaks.  To see a list of all eligible practices for IFIP and REAP funding, visit

Madison County SWCD commissioners have set March 15th as the application deadline for the purpose of giving staff ample time to do field visits and conservation planning work before commissioners can start obligating cost share in July.  Landowners and operators are welcome to apply at any time during the year, but applications received by March 15, 2022 will receive priority consideration for the first allocation of funding. 

To learn more, or to make an appointment to visit with staff or fill out application materials at the Winterset Field Office, please contact Anna Golightly at 515-462-2961 x 3 or