Equipment and Sales

All rentals and sales must be paid by check (preferred) or cash. Madison SWCD does not have the ability to process credit/debit transactions.


Rental equipment helps raise funds for Madison SWCD to support our efforts to conserve, protect, and enhance our resources for current and future generations. To learn more about contributing to Madison SWCD, visit our Supporters webpage.


  • 25 ft. width in field
  • Hitch pin attachment
  • Pioneer hydraulics
  • ≥ half-ton pick-up truck to transport
  • ≥ 50 horsepower tractor to pull

Broadcast (Terrace) Seeder

  • See agreement for rental rates and fees
  • Attaches to stake holes on side of pick-up truck box
  • Alligator clips extend to battery for power
  • On/Off switch can be operated from cab

No-Till Drill

Madison County Conservation Board has a 10’ Great Plains No-Till Drill available to the public for rental.  The rental fee is $10/acre ($200 minimum). Requires a tractor with at least 60-horsepower. Contact Tanner at 515-250-8271.



  • 3 ft. orange wire staking flags come in bundles of 100
  • $15/bundle

Soil Sampling Bags

  • $2/bag

Sales Tax

  • Cultipacker: Sales tax is added to cultipacker rental fees unless the renter completes an Iowa Sales Tax Exemption Certificate*.
  • Broadcast Terrace Seeder: Sales tax is not charged because the rental fee is a donation.
  • Flags: sales tax is not currently charged because we are recouping our cost (product + shipping).
  • Soil Sampling Bags:  Sales tax is included in the cost.

*Renters of the cultipacker are encouraged to review the “Farmers Guide to Iowa Taxes” provided by the Iowa Department of Revenue to determine whether their use of the cultipacker qualifies as tax exempt.

Farmer’s Guide to Iowa Taxes:

Iowa Sales Tax Exemption Certificate 31-014a: Iowa Sales Tax Exemption Certificate, 31-014