Madison SWCD Welcomes 2024 Summer Intern!

Hi, my name is Benjamin Lynch, and I am the intern at Madison County’s SWCD for the summer of 2024. I live in Norwalk, IA and my family’s farm is in Madison County just southwest of Cumming, IA.

I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in 2023 with my Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with an air quality minor and two certificates in GIS and sustainability. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Geography with an earth and environmental systems track. My thesis research is on particulate matter and ammonia concentrations from confined hog productions facilities.

I came to the University of Northern Iowa to be a high school science teacher but became disinterested in pursuing education as a career. I found environmental science as it was the closest degree to agriculture that UNI offered, and I loved it. This helped me find my passion for agricultural advocation in the environmental sciences and creating positive changes in local agriculture.

I am excited to take part in Madison County’s SWCD internship this summer and I look forward to working with local producers.